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Committed to Results to Get You Back to Living Your Life

Dr. Andrea Schnowske is a chiropractor, holistic and functional health provider, wife, mother of two, and pet lover. She is originally from Detroit Michigan but after meeting her husband in graduate school, they decided to start a family in Peoria. If she is not in the office, she is usually spending quality time with her family.

She loves muscle cars (namely her GTO), car shows and motorsports, traveling, the outdoors, cooking, crafts and household projects. She loves to travel and one day would like to visit all 50 states and travel Route 66 from start to finish.

She has been working in chiropractic and integrated offices since 2002 and was also able to work with over 10 chiropractors during graduate school and her internship to learn how to integrate multiple chiropractic techniques, biomechanics, neuromuscular reeducation,  holistic nutrition, and functional medicine to provide the best treatment possible for her patients.


She was an avid athlete and an overachiever from a young age. She competed in solo ice skating and was a member of a synchronized ice skating team competing at a national level. She went on to play volleyball, basketball, and fast-pitch softball as a team captain and first string pitcher.



After a sports injury to her knee and lower back she thought she would never be able to play again. She went to three different specialists who told her she'd have to take medication and use crutches with no hope that this condition would not come back again and again. After over a month of pain and continuing to play sports with her injury, she finally sought care at an integrated chiropractic and health care center. This was her first dose of hope as the chiropractor she initially saw was able to properly diagnose her condition and provide treatment that gave her immediate relief. She was able to pitch a double header game that Saturday with NO PAIN. She knew immediately this was what she wanted to do with the rest of her life.


Dr. Andrea Schnowske has also dealt with fertility issues and hormone imbalance and knows how frustrating it can be when your doctor doesn't listen to you or prescribes medication to cover up symptoms rather than finding the root cause of your health issues. For this reason, she is committed to listening to her patients, spending time going over recommendations and lab testing, and getting them actively involved with holistic solutions and home exercise programs to get answers and solve health problems with long term results that can be maintained the rest of your life. She also involves other physicians and providers in collaborative care so your whole health team is on the same page with the same goal to get you the results you need to get back to living your life rather than just surviving.



Meet the Staff

Jennifer Jones LMT

Licensed Massage Therapist & Reiki Master

I became a massage therapist due to a car accident in 2007. I did not get results with medication or physical therapy and was being pushed into having a surgery I did not want. After some research I found out about chiropractic care and after a few weeks of care I was able to get back to living my life. I realized that natural therapies worked best for me and I wanted to be able to provide that for others. I've found energy modalities very interesting and that is why I've pursued Reiki and Chakra Balancing as well.

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