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Our office is a chiropractic and holistic health office that focuses on providing care for the whole family. We can help with simple solutions like getting out of pain, returning to the gym or work, finding more energy, better sleep, checking baby and mom after birth, or even more complex issues like finding the root cause of digestive issues, hormone imbalance problems, or long term weight loss you can maintain the rest of your life.

The biggest thing that sets our office apart is the fact that we take the time to listen to your health concerns and we spend time with you to find the true root cause, provide multifaceted treatment plans, and affordable payment options. Most of our patients report feeling better and seeing large changes in their health and symptoms within the first two weeks or sooner.



We provide gentle low force and non rotational chiropractic care for the whole family including newborns, toddlers, athletes, adults, pregnant women, disabled children and adults, geriatric adults, and even patients with scoliosis or osteoporosis. We utilize a number of techniques to provide you with comfortable treatments with results that last.

PHysical therapy and rehabilitation

We provide in office physical therapy and homework exercises to retrain muscles and ligaments for longer lasting adjustments and relief you can maintain at home. These exercises can also help to change posture and strengthen muscles for more stamina and increased bone density.

Massage therapy and Relaxation room

We offer various massage services in the office including relaxation massage, therapeutic massage to relieve pain, scar tissue release to restore mobility, and even Reiki massage and Chakra balancing.

We also offer a relaxation room for quick relaxation before or after your treatments.

Holistic functional medicine & Lab Testing

The main premise of holistic medicine is to use your body's innate healing ability to restore normal organ and body function to alleviate symptoms from the root cause. In some cases, simple diet and lifestyle guidance can achieve the results you desire but in more complex cases we can also incorporate lab testing and herbal or botanical supplements.

Freedom Healthy WEight program

This sustainable weight loss program is an accountability system to help you achieve your weight goals or simply get to a healthy body makeup to conserve muscle mass and protect your bones as you age. We start with baseline body composition measurements and a health consultation to discuss your health goals and any barriers you may face to achieving your goals. We will also discuss basic recommendations for dietary and exercise needs to meet these goals and provide resources should you need more support. For the baseline body composition measurements, we will use calipers and tape measures to take body measurements and calculate your body fat percentage so we have realistic goals and have a better understanding of what to expect. I typically recommend that you check in every 4-6 weeks to have an additional body composition measurements taken so you can physically see your progress and know how many inchese you lost, how much fat you lost, and how much muscle (and metabolism!) you gained. Many people get discouraged quickly without proper support and accountability so we are helping to pave the way to a healthy weight and sustainable weight loss program with results you can maintain for life.

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