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January begins the new year and a season for change. Many people make resolutions or set goals for weight loss by spring break or bikini season. One of the biggest issues I see in regards to these goals and very specifically weight loss is that they set too high of a goal for weight loss and don’t understand how to figure out a reasonable plan to move in the right direction. For example, when someone comes to my office and wants to set a goal to lose 50 lbs they know they will have to change what they eat and exercise but don't realize that eating better and exercising to lose weight means they have to gain muscle. This means they may actually GAIN muscle weight as they lose fat so their weight may only change 1-2 pounds on the scale when in reality they may have lost 4-5 INCHES or 3-5% body fat loss in a short period of one to two months. 

That is why I highly recommend a body composition consultation be done to start with a baseline and then repeated monthly to track your progress so you can see your results and know exactly how many inches you have lost, how much fat you are losing, and how much muscle you are gaining. The body composition consultation is specifically designed to look at your age, weight, height, body measurements with a tape measure, and body fat calculations after caliper measurements so I can help you set a reasonable goal and rate of fat loss (not just weight loss!). I typically recommend after the initial baseline measurements we sit down to discuss some general dietary guidelines and exercise recommendations to help you reach your goals easier. If you need additional dietary and meal prep support or need help with exercise planning, I can also provide some resources to assist you with this. 

JANUARY SPECIAL: Free Body Composition Consultation

This consultation will calculate body fat percentage and body composition and is a great starting point for a baseline to help you set some reasonable and attainable weight loss goals this year.

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