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Green Orchard
Chinese Medicine

Exclusive Services

Freedom Farm-acy is a back-to-nature focused educational resource rather than a traditionary pharmacy that focuses on medications for certain ailments or disease. Our Farm-acy focuses on using natural remedies and herbal botanical blends to assist the body's natural healing processes so that your body can heal itself. Some of these remedies consist of using herbal blends to heal organ damage or interfere with bacterial or parasitic reproduction and others involve essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in high quality pharmaceutical-grade absorbable formulations to restore nutritional deficiencies or assist with organ detoxification. If you are dealing with multiple health problems or would like us to work with your doctor to reduce the number of medications you are taking, it may be best to start with a consultation with Dr. Andrea Schnowske so that she can help you figure out the best way to approach your particular set of health concerns.

Holistic Health Classes

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